Helloooooo, 25! 👋🏼

This was one of the first birthdays ever where I truly had NO IDEA what I wanted. Besides one pair of shoes that I had been eyeing for months (which I got courtesy of mom!), there was just nothing I felt like I needed. When someone asked me what I wanted and I gave the “oh you don’t have to get me anything” response, I actually meant it! 😂

This ironically backfired, because I feel like this was one of my best gifting years ever. Maybe because I had no expectations, I ended up being more surprised by everything! I usually always try asking for things I need… a new pair of jeans because I outgrew the last ones, an eye cream because I’m running low, some notebooks or school supplies… you get it. This year I didn’t get anything that I actually need, but it was kind of wonderful to be spoiled with all the things I’ve been secretly coveting but couldn’t justify buying for myself. 💛

So if the fact I dedicated an entire blog post to this didn’t make my gratitude obvious enough, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who spoiled me and sent me well wishes over the weekend. I feel so loved going into 25!

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