I remember so clearly being in high school and absolutely hating the color pink. I was such a weirdo, little hipster back then, and anything pink and feminine I totally rejected. My entire style then was soooo androgynous (think American Apparel and TOMS on repeat). That seriously feels like a lifetime ago! I've done a total 180 since then and pink is definitely one of my favorite colors now... I mean, how can anyone resist blush and rose quartz tones?! This is probably the most excited I've ever been about Valentine's Day before! I'm just soaking up this last week of all the adorable store decor and how cutesy all my favorite brands have been leading up to this sweet holiday.

I scoured the internet (aka: mostly Nordstrom) and found my favorite Valentine's items that I'm swooning over right now. So... Eric, make sure you read this. Thanks.

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