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1. I was born and raised, and still reside, in Orange County, CA. As much as I love southern California, and feel so blessed to have grown up in one of the nicest counties in the country (maybe the world??), I really can't wait to get out. It has gotten so ridiculously expensive here, there's constantly traffic everywhere, and on a personal level, I don't feel that the direction in which this state is headed aligns with my personal values (a conversation for another time...). I'll definitely still be here at least a few more years, but I hope that by the time my first child is old enough to walk, we're moved to another county and state where $500,000 can get you a house with an actual backyard, and more than just a 2 bedroom condo. 🙄

2. I graduated from Cal State University, Fullerton in 2016 with my bachelors, in Business, Marketing. I was a Sigma Kappa there, and with the exception of two girls I've known since childhood, all my best friends today were sorority sisters with me. 💜

3. Speaking of which, my boyfriend, Eric, was in a fraternity at CSUF, which is how we met! Yeah, I know, super cliché...

4. I was a competitive rock climber for 7 years. And I was pretty good! At one point I was ranked 8th nationally, and was flashing V6s, V7s, and 5.11s (if that means anything to you). Still can't dyno to save my life though... 😒 I worked at the campus rec center rock climbing wall for 2 years during college, and one of my goals in life is to transform my future garage into a bouldering gym.

5. I'm OBSESSED with the desert. I thrive in dry heat and live for hot nights, and I don't think there is any sight on this planet more beautiful than a fuchsia sunset over a desert landscape casting saguaro shadows 🌵 Going back to #1, this most likely means I'll end up in Arizona.

6. I'm crazy interested in politics, and I listen to minimum 3+ hours of political podcasts, news, and commentary every single day. I never talk about my political views on social media, because, well, that just seems like suicide in today's world, BUT, know that if we ever get in a debate I am well-prepared with my facts and statistics. Good luck. 😊

7. I can't function without a to-do list. I'm constantly making new ones and keep them everywhere; scraps of paper, my phone notes, in my planner, on my Google drive... nothing gives me more satisfaction than crossing something off!

8. I've been to more countries than I have states in the U.S.. Since all my family is in Poland (oh yeah, did I mention that I'm a first-generation American born to Polish parents?), I grew up going there almost every other summer. Flights within Europe are so cheap once you're already there, so we always made sure to tag on an extra country to explore before coming back home: Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Czech Republic, Russia, and Finland. 

Mexico, too, but as a native southern Californian does that even count? Oh, and there was a Thanksgiving we spent in Taiwan when my dad got sent there for a work trip and demanded his company pay for me, my mom, and sister to fly out with him since it was a holiday 😂 Can't believe they actually agreed to that!

9. I have a weird obsession with doing laundry. I honestly love it! I find it so therapeutic??? But I DESPISE doing dishes. I don't know why, but it's the most dreadful task in the world to me. Thank God Eric doesn't mind doing dishes! #oppositesattract

10. I love love love taking personality tests. Not those dumb little Buzzfeed quizzes, but the "sophisticated" ones (*sips champagne while holding pinky up and giving side eye to the plebs*); ie: Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Big 5, Strengths Finder, etc. Usually I just do the free versions I find online, but the summer between high school and college (2011) my parents signed me up to take the actual written Myers-Briggs test, and it was honestly one of the greatest gifts they ever gave me. My results classified me as an ENTP, and I got a whole list of careers, habits, character strengths and flaws, and so on. I just dug up my folder with all the paperwork last month and it's eery how accurate it still is today – almost 7 years later! If you feel lost in trying to find your life's purpose and what lights you up, it's definitely worthwhile to go and take the actual MBTI test!


A little housekeeping before I sign off. I've heard from several of you that you've been missing some of my Instagram posts/stories announcing when I have a new blog post. You can subscribe to my email newsletter in the newsletter block in my footer or sidebar so you always get notified when I have a new post, new favorites, or any sale alerts or promo codes to share. I promise I won't send you more than a couple emails a week! 💌 Thank you, and seriously, LOVE YOU ALL, mean it! Your continuous support of my blog so far has meant the world to me. Xoxo.

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