Hi 👋🏼 Natalie here! Remember me? Probably not because since May-ish I have been THE WORST blogger ever. A huge reason for that was because... drum roll, please... remember back in April when I teased that my family put in an offer for a second condo in Big Bear? Well we got it! And my mom and I have been working like crazy lately trying to get it flipped before the holiday season hits since that is prime time for rentals in Big Bear.

I've always loved interior design, but when we renovated our family home I was only 12 and not exactly able to assist. When we got the first condo I had just started college and didn't have the time to help, so finally with this property I am in the perfect place to take the lead on this project. 

I want to share some of the Pinterest finds I'm gravitating towards right now for this property. Of course, foundational and structural things, not to mention budget constraints and square footage, are 100% going to come into play here, but I still can't help but fawn over the perfectly styled Pinterest-worthy homes spamming my "Dream Home" board right now. 

To give you all some perspective, we're working with a ground level, 1-story condo, 850 SF, 2 bed, 2 bath, that's going to have a lot of short-term rentals in and out every weekend, and has to withstand the extreme temperature changes that Big Bear gets. My goal is to invest in more durable and quality items where it counts, but not go overboard since renters pose such a heightened risk with damages. I want trendy accents that will immediately stand out on Airbnb, but also make sure to blend in timeless and classic features so we don't find ourselves re-doing the whole thing again in just a few years.

If I had to put a label on it, I would describe my style concept for this condo as "modern Scandinavian farmhouse rustic boho". AKA: Fixer Upper with a cabin twist???

Do you follow any good interior design blogs or have a Pinterest board similar to this I can pull more inspiration from? Please let me know below! I love so many styles and can't possible pick just one to stick to, so I've got to find a way to effortlessly blend them all. Here's hoping I can pull it off? 😬🏠

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