Talking a slightly taboo topic today, but this whole plastic surgery/cosmetic industry has been fascinating me as of late, so let's dive right in to the question... WOULD I EVER GET WORK DONE?! It depends.

I've been researching this so much lately and I have a pretty good idea of which procedures I'm totally down for, and what I'll never even consider. 

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Nope! My nose is slightly crooked but I can live with it. The thought of having to wear that bandage on my face and going through the healing process and down time that comes with a nose job is a deal breaker for me. 


Absolutely. I've been looking into this a lot though because I'd rather look like a damn raisin than ever resemble anything close to Melanie Griffith or Nancy Pelosi... yikes

The trick to botox (so I've learned) is to do very small doses, starting young (mid to late 20s), before you have wrinkles. This makes it preventative, so that your skin never really starts developing wrinkles in the first place. If you wait until you already have wrinkles (in your 40s for most women), they'll have to give you a higher dosage and the final result will look dramatically different and be super noticeable. And by this point you might have some deeper wrinkles etched into your skin that will just never go away.

Starting botox younger can also help you start training your face not to move in certain ways. Even a small dose (so that you avoid that frozen face look) will do the trick.

That being said, I'm absolutely not trying to be a 60 year old that's 100% wrinkle free. Wrinkles are totally natural and not anything I ever want to be ashamed or embarrassed of! But I'm all for taking advantage of the preventative measures available now, especially since botox is constantly getting more and more affordable. In the US it ranges from about $300-$600 a session, but you best believe I'll be getting mine done in Poland where it's only half the cost! 🙌🏼


Never ever ever ever. I do have thin lips, but it's never bothered me. Every photo I've seen of someone with lip injections just looks so creepy. I don't know if everyone is going to shitty doctors or that's just the nature of the procedure, but it looks so unnatural to me that I wouldn't want a syringe of that stuff within a mile of me.

Plus, you have to get them redone every 6-12 months?! That's way too high-maintenance for me. And if it was permanent that would be even worse! I'm convinced this whole "Kylie lip" trend is exactly that, a trend, and I would never get anything permanent done that I feel is going to go out of style within a decade.


No way. Last year I lost 13 pounds the regular, old-fashioned way – by eating right and exercising, and it was so rewarding! I have nothing against lipo or anyone who wants to do it, but it's not for me. I think it's so much more rewarding to achieve your goal weight and dream body through hard work, and to track your progress and see your transformation happening firsthand! I worry too that if I had gotten lipo, it would've been the easy way out and I never would have learned the healthy habits I have now that I'm using to maintain my weight and overall health.


YES YES YES x a million. Actually I've already looked into this and had a few consultations, but all the doctors told me I'm too young right now and it's not recommended until about 30 years old. My biggest physical insecurity is and always has been my under eye bags. You know how people talk about "resting bitch face"? Well I think I suffer from "resting sad face". I get asked all the time if I'm feeling OK or why I'm so sad and I really think it's because of my eye bags. If you've never noticed how droopy/puffy mine are, God bless you. If you have, thanks for not pointing it out to me. They're genetic and my mom had them too, until she got hers removed a decade ago. She regrets so much waiting as long as she did to get it done, because it's one of the easiest procedures you can do! All the doctor does is tug down on your lower eyelid and go in with a scalpel or razor to scoop out/burn the fat in there. It takes about 30 minutes, and there's no incision and very little down time.

Cost starts around $1,500, and if you google the before/after pictures I think you'll agree it looks like it's worth every penny!


Not interested. Up to this point I've never even considered it. Full disclosure, I'm a 32B and while that might objectively put me in the "itty bitty titty committee", I'm so petite that I think it's proportional for me. I also want 5 kids and plan on breastfeeding all of them. I've heard so many horror stories about post-breast-augmentation patients having major issues with breastfeeding, and it's not worth it to me to even remotely risk it. Maybe way later in life, when I know for sure I'm done having kids I would reconsider it purely for purposes of keeping everything up and perky, but I wouldn't mess with my size one bit. 


Oh heck yeah! Not anytime soon of course, but the before/after pictures of those 60 year olds that do this are AMAZINGGG. I feel like it's one of the procedures with the most drastic improvement, but unlike the crazy look botox can have this one doesn't look plastic or artificial at all!

All in all, I think I'm pretty much open to anything that preserves or prevents, but I have no interest in altering the shape or form of any of my features. I'm so curious to know if any of you are open to getting work done too! Or are you in the "heck no, all-natural" camp? If so, props to you, girl. I'm so jealous of all the money you'll save. 💸💸💸

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