Hands down the questions I get asked most often are about my hair. Whether that's who does it, how I style it, what products I use, etc.! I'm definitely not complaining, and my hair has always been my favorite physical thing about myself, so it feels pretty good to be acknowledged for that. NGL. 💁🏼‍♀️

I've had just about every hair color you can imagine (including green), but the way I have it now is my favorite ever, and this is probably the longest I've ever gone without changing it! So, although I'm not a hair professional, I do have experience with a ton of different colors, lengths, and styles, and I love researching and trying out new products. I'm breaking down my whole hair routine today and sharing my best kept secrets that I swear by! – including the fact that I use men's shampoo... 

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Be forewarned, this post is a long one. A bit ironic because I have one of the most low-maintenance hair routines ever, but I wanted to give as much detail as possible because a lot of things I do with my hair are probably a little unconventional... but I honestly swear by them!

Blond Brilliance Purple Shampoo

If you have any bleach in your hair, I'm sure your hair dresser already told you the importance of purple shampoo for keeping your highlights ashy, and to cancel out any orange or yellow tones. I've tried a handful of different purple shampoos, but this one is really the best, and you can't beat the price! Make sure you buy the one that says "lathering toner", not "conditioning toner". I've noticed that purple shampoo doesn't lather the way normal shampoo does, so I mix it 1:1 in my palm with my regular shampoo and use it like that.

Suave Men's 3-in-1 Shampoo

Yes, I use men's shampoo. And yes, it's actually a 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I swear this is the best shampoo I've ever used. It lathers nicely, it has a clean, fresh scent, it leaves my hair shiny, it's not drying, it's not heavy, and it's so damn cheap. I was using this for just a week and I started getting more compliments on my hair than ever before! It looked so shiny and healthy. It's just everything I could ever want in a shampoo, and I love it for body wash and shaving gel too!

It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Product

I don't use any conditioner in the shower. I feel like every one I've tried just never fully rinsed out and my hair would get greasy after just a day. I gave up on conditioner 3 years ago and I've never looked back. Instead, after I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair I use a few sprays of It's A 10 on the ends just to detangle before combing out with a wide tooth comb. This comb is good for wet hair and the handle is also great for parting hair.

Moroccan Oil

After I comb my hair out with the It's A 10 spray, I use a bit of moroccan oil throughout my still slightly damp hair. The original Moroccan Oil brand is so good, but recently I've switched over to the OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil for the price difference and I think I like it just as much! Both of them feel really weightless and non-greasy, and they add crazy amounts of shine.

Drybar 'Triple Sec' 3-in-1 Texturizer Spray

I only wash my hair every 5 days, so after day 2 of not washing I start using dry shampoo to get me through day 5, but for day 1 I use a little bit of the Drybar 'Triple Sec' 3-in-1 Texturizer Spray to give my hair texture, so it holds better when I style it and gets that messy look when I do my loose, beach waves. I spray the 'Triple Sec' 3-in-1 onto my roots and run my fingers through to disperse it out and add a little volume.

Styling My Hair

When it comes to styling my hair, I pretty much wear it the same way everyday – down, parted in the middle, with loose, messy waves. I never use a hair brush either – just my wide tooth comb when I first get out of the shower. After that I only brush it out with my fingers between washes to keep that piecey texture. When I have a shorter haircut (around shoulder length) I use my 1" curling iron, and when my hair is any longer than that I use my 1.5" curling iron. I use it the old-fashioned way with the clamp, not like a wand. To achieve the blunt/choppy look that I love, I go through with my CHI straightener after and quickly straighten the bottom 1-2 inches of my hair. The curling irons I use are amazing and were both under $30! 

Dry Shampoo

And finally, my absolute favorite hair product in the world, dry shampoo. I can't remember how I ever lived without it. I only wash my hair every 5 days, so dry shampoo is essential for getting me through that. I've tried probably a dozen of them, but my favorites are the Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo and the Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo. The Eva NYC one is pricier so I usually get the NYM brand, but it's always a treat when I splurge on the Eva NYC

My best advice for dry shampoo is to use it at night! This way it actually works to prevent oil build up while you sleep, so you end up needing less of it. This also helps get rid of that annoying white residue because most of it gets absorbed or falls out while you sleep.


If I have plans on that 5th day and I want to wear my hair down I just wash it a day earlier.

And if you're wondering why I go so long between washes, studies have shown that waiting a few days between washes is good for you. In fact, according to what's "healthy", you really only need to wash your hair once every 2 weeks (some studies I read even said once a month is fine!). Your scalp is really good at producing oils throughout the day that are designed to keep your hair healthy, moisturized, and growing. Washing everyday strips these oils and can lead to dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, and dry hair that doesn't grow as fast and is more brittle. I worked my way up to 5 days by going one extra day between washes and doing that for a month before adding on another day.

To sum it up, I go 5 days between hair washes, I use men's shampoo, I don't use conditioner, I don't brush my hair, I don't blow dry it, and I only see my hair dresser twice a year.

Like I said, probably one of the most low-maintenance hair routines ever. I don't think we give our body enough credit for what it can do on it's own, so even though I love testing out new products, I'm a big believer in leaving my hair be most days, and just letting it do it's own thing. Good thing the messy, textured look is so in right now!


A few items I've been wanting to try, but haven't got around to yet:

  1. Slip Silk Pillowcase - I've heard so many good things about silk pillowcases in general, but the Slip ones look like the best out there. Holding off because $80 on a pillowcase seems a bit crazy to me 😳
  2. Drybar Dry Conditioner - Since I absolutely swear by dry shampoo, it seems like a natural progression to add dry conditioner to my hair care arsenal. If any of you have tried the Drybar one or something from another brand let me know how you like it!


Lastly, I just wanted to share a few "hype" products that I constantly see other people obsessing over, but that did not work for me. This is just one opinion, and I have seen these products get a lot of love from others, but I wouldn't feel right about not giving you all the honest truth on my experience with these. 

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Cannot understand for the life of me what people like about this product. It is the WORST dry shampoo I've ever used. Absolute garbage. Every time I hear someone say that dry shampoo just doesn't work for them, I ask which one they use and it's always Batiste! I don't understand how this has such good reviews. It leaves a chalky residue and looks like dandruff. I hate the smell, and it's not even good at removing oil??? I don't get it. If you use this and love it, good for you, but if you think you just don't like dry shampoo and this is the only one you've used, I recommend trying literally any other dry shampoo on the market before you write it off entirely.
  2. Hair, Skin, Nails Gummies - Took these for 6 months and didn't notice any difference. I will admit that I've always had pretty thick/healthy hair, so maybe I'm just not biotin deficient in the first place?
  3. Anything from Briogeo - I see this brand has been getting a lot of love lately and the packaging is cute, but I've tried at least 5 things from them and haven't been impressed. The products aren't bad, they're just not doing anything. Not worth the money, IMO.
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