I. LOVE. WEDDINGS. I've been to more than I can count, I interned with a wedding planner for a summer, and this year alone Eric and I already have 6 weddings we're looking forward to! Weddings always make me so emotional. In fact, I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't tear up during Titanic or The Notebook, but wedding ceremonies, man they just get me every time. 😭

I'd like to consider myself a bit of a "wedding guest" expert at this point, especially when it comes to what you should wear. We all know that wearing white to a wedding is possibly the biggest fashion faux pax out there. In my experience though, that's definitely not the only one, and there are are handful of other styling rules to live by when dressing for a wedding. Keep scrolling to check them out, and see some styles I'm LOVING this season. Hope you find these helpful, so you can confidently say yes to the wedding guest dress. 

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So I thought this was a common known rule, but I googled it and that doesn't seem to be the case. I guess I made this one up...? 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I think it's good to follow regardless! In my mind, black just feels so associated with a) funerals, and b) professional events (ie: the office Christmas party or that networking event/cocktail hour you're regretting signing up for). Weddings are supposed to be fun, celebratory, and cheerful, especially if it's a spring or summer wedding. I know black is classy, and it's one of the main colors in my wardrobe, but in my humble opinion, it's a bit too uptight for a breezy, outdoor, summer wedding day.


I have this extreme fear that I'm going to show up to a wedding and realize I'm wearing the same dress as the bridesmaids. In order to take all possible precautions to avoid this scenario, I flat out refuse to wear any dress that's just a solid color. I always seek out outfits with some sort of floral print, embroidery, polka dots, or colorblock. 


Even if it's not a traditional church ceremony, there are going to be grandparents, extended family, and pictures that the happy couple and their parents will be looking back on for decades. Make sure you're wearing something that's not too tight, not too short, and keeps all the bra straps and panty lines concealed. My personal go-tos are midi dresses, with some mix of ruffles, a high-low hem, or wrap dress style.

4. NO ditching the heels

I already know I'm going to get backlash for this one, but this is SUCH a pet peeve of mine. My mama taught me from the moment I was old enough to start wearing high heels that if you go out in them, you commit to wearing them THE. WHOLE. NIGHT. 👏🏼 Come on, ladies. Let's keep it classy here. Nobody wants to see your blistered, red, toes barefoot on the dance floor after you've had one too many at the open bar. Make 100% sure before you purchase a pair of heels that you'll be comfortable in them until you get back home. Personally, I love Sam Edelman and Steve Madden. This might just be me, but I swear anything from those two brands feels like it was custom made for my feet. I find all their shoes so unbelievably comfy!

5. NO Stilettos

Unless you can be completely sure that there won't be any grass in the ceremony or reception venue, just avoid stilettos altogether. And going back to my previous point, stilettos just aren't as comfortable as block heels or wedges - aka: not ideal if you're committed to staying in your shoes all night. 👡


I ONLY shop at Nordstrom for weddings. First of all, if you have a card with them you get free alterations at any Nordstrom store. Being 5'2", I'm constantly finding dresses are too long on me, so this has come in handy countless times. Additionally, Nordstrom's return policy just can't be beat. Since I'm so picky about having my shoes comfortable, I like wearing any new pair I purchase around my house to see how I'm feeling after a few hours. If they don't pass the test, I know I can confidently take them back, no questions asked.

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